Mainsail Partners Founder Friendly

Mainsail Partners is honored to be recognized as a founder-friendly investment firm by Inc. Magazine for the fourth year in a row.

We admire and respect bootstrapped founders and we remain dedicated to providing hands-on, collaborative support for their growth. Our purpose-built team specializes in guiding software founders through the crucial phases of their growth journey. See below for some of the reasons founders choose Mainsail as their partner.

Mainsail Partners Awarded Inc. Magazine Founder-Friendly Award for Fourth Consecutive Year.


Why Founders Choose Mainsail

“‘Founder-friendly is the Holy Grail that every founder looks for in an investment partner—someone who is collaborative, there to help in any way, and who takes responsibility with you for things that go well and things that don’t. It should be a team effort, and Mainsail does a great job at being a collaborative partner every step of the way.”

– Ben Hodson, Co-Founder and CEO of JobNimbus


“ They have a purpose-built team with deep operational experience that will work side by side with us to help plan our roadmap. Mainsail aligned with our values, growth plan, and demonstrated the integrity we were looking for in a partner.”
– Tobe Thompson, Founder and CEO of SmartMoving

“Mainsail’s reputation and the importance they place on relationships is impeccable. Most of all, they believe in our team and vision for the future!” -Jasen Barnes, Co-Founder of Flight Schedule Pro
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“We had talked with several different growth equity firms over the years, but Mainsail Partners always stood out to me because of their reputation for preserving the “core” of the companies they partner with.” -John Forbes, Founder of Centerbase
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“They have focused on building and supporting a portfolio of bootstrapped companies like our own (including in similar industries) and took the time to really understand our vision for the future. They have a purpose-built team with deep operational experience that will work side by side with us to help chart our course.”
– Marc Balzamo, Co-Founder of Fexa
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“Boostlingo had many firms contact us and were interested in making an investment but Mainsail had a compelling case. They have a strong background in building sales and marketing machines and I got to know the Mainsail investors very well for the six months leading up to the deal and ultimately decided to go with them. ” – Bryan Forrester, Co-Founder and CEO of Boostlingo
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When we set out to choose an investment partner, we were careful to find the right team that understood the long-term vision we aimed to build. That’s why we selected Mainsail, a founder-friendly company that truly understands and supports what we’re trying to do. – Caleb Frankel, Founder and CEO of Instinct Science
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“Mainsail was a true partner from day one, providing hands-on operational support in every facet of our business. Mainsail had the utmost respect for the culture of our company as they collaborated with our team in our next phase of growth.”

– Elizabeth Francisco, President of ResMan


“They have the values that respect and appreciate the bootstrap culture. They are willing to allow that to sustain while introducing the necessary changes at the same time.”
– Dan Kerpelman, Founder & CEO of Bio-Optronics

“Mainsail out listened everybody. That’s what they’re great at. And they listened to our business. They understood our customers. They understood us. They understood our competitive landscape.”
– Kurt Long, Founder & CEO of FairWarning

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