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"Mainsail has been a true partner since we joined forces in 2017. The vast knowledge among their operations team has been critical to growing our business; they know the issues we are facing today and the ones we will face tomorrow."

Elizabeth Francisco
President of ResMan

"As a founder, bringing in your first investor is one of the hardest and most important decisions you’ll make. We were fortunate to get it right when we partnered with Mainsail. Their help in recruiting talent has been instrumental in scaling our organization and continuing our growth trajectory. This is one of many areas they’ve exceeded our expectations."

Mark Tipton
CEO of Aspire

“Mainsail helped us realize our potential.
They were dedicated and creative partners from the start.”

Jeff Gardner
Former CEO of Zen Planner

“By partnering with Mainsail we were able to expand our offering and the market opportunity through a combination of acquisitions, product development and more innovative go-to-market strategies.”

Michael Berman
CEO and Founder of Ncontracts




Certain statements about Mainsail Management Company, LLC (“Mainsail” or “Mainsail Partners”) made by portfolio company executives herein are intended to illustrate Mainsail’s business relationship with such persons, including with respect to Mainsail’s facilities as a business partner, rather than Mainsail’s capabilities or expertise with respect to investment advisory services. Portfolio company executives were not compensated in connection with their participation, although they generally receive compensation and investment opportunities in connection with their portfolio company roles, and in certain cases are also owners of portfolio company securities and/or investors in Mainsail-sponsored vehicles. Such compensation and investments subject participants to potential conflicts of interest in making the statements herein.