Mainsail Partners Named a Top 25 Growth Equity Firm of 2022

Mainsail Partners Named a Top 25 Growth Equity Firm of 2022
March 2, 2023 Mainsail Partners

Mainsail Partners is honored to be named on GrowthCap’s Top 25 Growth Equity Firms of 2022 list. Mainsail prioritizes investments in B2B software companies, specifically focused on vertical SaaS, Healthcare IT, Financial Technology, Infrastructure and Security Software, and select Horizontal SaaS.

Mainsail Partners was founded with the goal of partnering with software company founders to help scale their business in the next phase of growth. To support these founders, Mainsail has built a dedicated Operations Team to work alongside software company management teams. Mainsail’s Operations Team is made up of former software company operators with experience in specific areas the firm believes software companies need help, including recruiting and talent development, go-to-market strategy and execution, product and technology development, customer retention and expansion, and budgeting and financial support. Additionally, the firm delivers resources to help companies identify and execute on M&A opportunities.

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About GrowthCap Top 25 Growth Equity Firms of 2022:

Per GrowthCap, they focus on the firms’ abilities to consistently identify investment opportunities, create value for portfolio companies, and retain talent. They also factor in a firm’s momentum with CEO communities as well as commitment to ESG.

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The Top 25 Growth Equity Firms of 2022 recognition presented herein is awarded by GrowthCap, a third-party that is not affiliated with Mainsail Partners or an investor in Mainsail Partners-sponsored vehicles. The recognition was awarded on 3/1/23 for the period 2022. GrowthCap assessed nominees based on written responses to questions on GrowthCap’s nomination form. The number of nominees reviewed for this recognition was not disclosed to Mainsail, and therefore, it and the percentage of nominees receiving the recognition, cannot be disclosed herein. GrowthCap’s recognition is based on its own evaluation and opinion and is not indicative of Mainsail Partners’ future performance, and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Mainsail Partners’ investors. Mainsail Partners paid a fee to distribute the GrowthCap Top 25 Growth Equity Firms of 2022 results. The receipt of compensation influences, and is likely to present a potential material conflict of interest, relating to the rating. There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusions as the foregoing. For more information regarding this recognition, please see the linked publication