Mainsail Partners

2023 Year In Review

2023 was a significant year for Mainsail Partners. We celebrated 20 years of partnering with founders with the goal of building industry-leading software companies. Looking back on the milestones and accomplishments of the past two decades, it is gratifying to see the impact we’ve made working with bootstrapped B2B software companies. Below is a recap of 2023, as we look forward to another year.

  • 4 Software Platform Investments

  • 10 Add-on Acquisitions

  • 11 New Team Members

  • 140+ Portfolio Operations Projects Completed

Portfolio Updates

4 Software Platform Investments

Software for Machine Shops

Mainsail Invested $32 MILLION

Compliance Software for Financial Institutions

Mainsail Invested $51 MILLION

Software for Commercial Laundries

+1 TBA

To Be Announced

10 Add-on Acquisitions

Acquired by

Acquired by

Acquired by

Acquired by



Acquired by


+5 TBA

To Be Announced

1 Recap

Recapitalized by

Value Creation

In 2023, we offered hands-on support to our portfolio companies in the form of recruitment, advice and projects. Our Operations Team is purpose-built for this work, and the results were meaningful.

44 Executives Hired Across Portfolio
140+ Projects Completed
1900+ Portfolio Advisory Calls

Events & Thought Leadership

In our 20-year history, Mainsail has built a robust and diverse network of friends, partners and experts. Through our programs and content, we strive to contribute to and engage with this community.

Supported 3 Programs

Provided training to 14 Executives and 74 Managers
EMPOWER: Women’s Network with 245+ members
A Partnership To Encourage Hiring of Diverse Candidates

6 Leadership Summits & Events

Mainsail’s summits and events bring together leaders from across our portfolio to network, share ideas, and brainstorm strategies to efficiently grow their software companies, all while connecting on a personal level.

Sales & Marketing Growth Summit

October 2023
Phoenix, AZ

CFO Summit

August 2023
Austin, TX

Product & Tech Summit

June 2023
Denver, CO

CEO Summit

May 2023
Laguna Beach, CA

Talent Summit

April 2023
Austin, TX

Payments Workshop

February 2023
Denver, CO


Giving Back

In 2023, we were pleased to support the following charities:

Our Software Portfolio