Introduction to Megan Heinz – Director of Revenue Operations

By: Megan Heinz  |  February 22, 2021

I am passionate about revenue operations (RevOps). Just like its close relative, sales operations, RevOps exists to drive efficiencies and best practices to the growth engine of scaling businesses. So why RevOps and not sales ops? Because revenue growth cannot be limited to sales in today’s world. As a RevOps leader, I aim to break down departmental silos and combine knowledge, data and insights across the business, including Marketing, Sales, Product, and Customer Success. In my opinion, including every department in your strategy for customer growth and expansion is what separates good businesses from the great businesses. 

“Most companies can have processes within each individual department that make them good, but great companies break down those silos and are able to spread those processes across all different departments..”

The best part of revenue operations is that there is no mandated starting point, no size requirement for entrance. RevOps is really a set of steps, processes and tools that are industry-tested and intended to grow with the business. My favorite thing about RevOps? It isn’t an exact science. I am drawn to the art that is required in order to best fit each company’s unique needs; to tailor fit each business at any stage and evolve as internal and industry needs change. 

And this is what drew me to Mainsail Partners. Mainsail is dedicated to supporting its companies and helping each business deliver on its mission and best serve its customers. Having implemented and scaled operations teams and processes in various software companies, I’m excited to partner with our founders and teams to drive revenue operations and impact many businesses at once. 

Meg is Vice President of Revenue Operations at Mainsail. She is responsible for helping Mainsail’s portfolio companies implement best practices and drive go-to-market efficiencies to support their growth, among other operational initiatives.
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