Instinct Science Acquires VetMedux

Instinct Science Acquires VetMedux
January 30, 2024 Mainsail Partners

AUSTIN, Texas & SAN FRANCISCO, CA | January 30, 2024 — Instinct Science, a provider of veterinary practice management software, has announced its acquisition of VetMedux. VetMedux, a trusted education and point-of-care information company, is the proprietor of Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs. This strategic union marks a noteworthy step for the veterinary care industry as the software now delivers a comprehensive toolbox that caters to a wider range of veterinary needs. Instinct Science is backed by Mainsail Partners, a growth equity firm that provided support to help fund and execute the acquisition.

Currently, Instinct Science provides cloud-based practice management software to more than 85,000 animal caretakers in hospitals spanning four continents. Founded and led by a team of seasoned veterinarians, Instinct Science’s product roadmap has always been tailored to the needs of practitioners, while also helping facilitate seamless hospital operations.

VetMedux, which owns Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, reaches more than 260,000 veterinarians worldwide. Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs is a trusted point-of-care resource for veterinarians, providing support in case management, treatment planning and client education. Clinician’s Brief is a curated educational platform. “Instinct Science is on an ambitious path to provide game-changing software tools to the veterinarian caretakers of today and tomorrow,” said Caleb Frankel, VMD, Founder and CEO of Instinct Science. “With this acquisition, two mission-aligned entities are joining to become one cohesive force. Plumb’s, Plumb’s Pro, and Clinician’s Brief are crucial resources for veterinarians, and we are committed to their continuous expansion and accessibility. As we enter this exciting next stage, we remain focused on our vision to revolutionize the veterinary industry through thoughtfully designed software that improves the lives of animal patients and the professionals who care for them.”

This acquisition signals Mainsail Partners’ commitment to supporting the Instinct Science team and the conviction the firm has around the opportunity in the market. Taylor McKinley, Partner at Mainsail, remarked, “From the outset of our partnership, our focus has been on providing resources, capital, and our experience to support Instinct in building exceptional products. Welcoming VetMedux into the fold marks an exciting collaboration with a company that shares our commitment to delivering high-quality products designed to truly assist veterinarians and their patients. As pet owners ourselves, we recognize the importance of this mission and take great pleasure in contributing to its success.”

This acquisition comes at a time of significant growth within the veterinary industry, marked by escalating staffing demands amid a surge in service requirements. Frankel believes that this strategic move aligns well with the current landscape, aiming to deliver products that facilitate heightened caretaker efficiency and consistency in care, as veterinary practices work to improve their technological infrastructure.

Frankel remarked, “Veterinary software is no longer just a system for scheduling and billing. It has become the set of critical tools we use to care for our patients, and we remain committed to designing them that way.”


About Instinct Science

Instinct Science is an animal health company focused on helping the world’s leading veterinary practices streamline and enhance their care with thoughtfully designed technology. Instinct empowers veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and hospital support staff with easy-to-adopt workflow and practice management software that boosts team efficiency, enhances patient care, and improves revenue capture.

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Caleb Frankel, a practicing emergency veterinarian, Instinct’s platforms power veterinary care centers, including university teaching hospitals, specialty/emergency centers, and general practices. For more information, visit and follow along on LinkedIn @Instinct.

About VetMedux

Founded in 2002 by CEO Elizabeth Green, VetMedux develops practical, peer-reviewed educational content and point-of-care tools for more than 260,000 veterinarians worldwide. Under the leadership of a team of practicing veterinarians, the company’s two leading brands, Clinician’s Brief® and Plumb’s™, help guide the critical decisions in small animal medicine while easing the stress of veterinary professionals as they care for pets and educate pet owners. Overall, VetMedux provides veterinarians with important resources and practical tools designed to support them as they navigate the changing dynamics of clinical and professional life, in the practice and beyond. Visit for more information.

Tangor Consulting LLC advised VetMedux on the transaction. Certain members of Tangor Consulting LLC are registered representatives of, and securities transactions are conducted through, StillPoint Capital, LLC, Tampa, FL. StillPoint Capital, LLC, Tangor Consulting LLC, and VetMedux are not affiliated.

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