Mainsail Partners and FairWarning Partnership

Mainsail Partners and FairWarning Partnership
February 1, 2022 Sarita

In December 2020, Mainsail portfolio company, FairWarning was acquired by Imprivata, a digital identity company for the healthcare industry. Mainsail invested $60M in FairWarning in 2018.

During the partnership, Mainsail assisted the company with a number of initiatives to support its growth, including recruiting talent to the management team and Board of Directors. Mainsail sat down with Kurt Long, the Founder and CEO of FairWarning to discuss why he chose to partner with Mainsail and the key initiatives that helped the company advance it’s mission and scale.

Location: Clearwater, FL
CEO: Kurt Long
Year Invested: 2018
Year Exited: Acquired by Imprivata in 2020


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