Mainsail Partners Named a Top 25 Private Equity Firm for Growth Companies

Mainsail Partners Named a Top 25 Private Equity Firm for Growth Companies
August 31, 2021 Mainsail Partners

Mainsail Partners has been named on GrowthCap’s Top 25 Private Equity Firms for Growth Companies 2021 list. Awardees were selected based on their consistent ability to employ proprietary resources beyond financial capital to help their portfolio companies scale and create lasting value. Over 900 firms were considered at the start of the process.

Nominations were closely evaluated and most consideration was placed on the uniqueness of a firm’s capabilities across market intelligence, strategic analysis, operational improvements, executive networks, mergers and acquisitions, sales organization effectiveness, and other key areas. Portfolio company examples of a firm’s success aiding management teams in implementing business improvements were instrumental to the ranking. Third-party feedback received directly from CEOs, executives, and other professionals were also factored in. Additionally, GrowthCap examined each firm’s culture, organizational growth over time and its commitment to ESG. 

Read more about the nominees here.


The Top 25 Private Equity Firms for Growth Companies of 2021 recognition presented herein is awarded by GrowthCap, a third-party that is not affiliated with Mainsail Partners or an investor in Mainsail Partners-sponsored vehicles. The recognition was awarded on 8/30/21 for the period 2021. GrowthCap independently assessed nominees based on written responses to questions on GrowthCap’s nomination form. GrowthCap also took into consideration third-party feedback from CEOs, executives, and other professionals. The number of nominees reviewed for this recognition was not disclosed to Mainsail, and therefore, it and the percentage of nominees receiving the recognition, cannot be disclosed herein. GrowthCap’s recognition is based on its own evaluations and opinion and is not indicative of Mainsail Partners’ future performance, and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Mainsail Partners’ investors. Mainsail Partners paid a fee to distribute the GrowthCap Top 25 Private Equity Firms for Growth Companies of 2021 results. The receipt of compensation influences, and is likely to present a potential material conflict of interest, relating to the rating. There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusions as the foregoing. For more information regarding this recognition, please see the linked publication.