Approach Copy

As partners, we deliver operational expertise to strong entrepreneurs whose goals have outpaced their resources.


We’ll develop a hiring plan, help you profile ideal candidates to guide decisions, and recruit the best talent through our extensive global network.




We’ll work with you to improve planning and sales strategies, recruit sales teams, implement CRM systems, and define best practices — so you can scale faster.


Our extensive experience selecting and implementing technology solutions will help you avoid costly mistakes in everything from product strategy to optimizing operational systems.

Our Focus

Investment Types

We structure a variety of  investments to best satisfy the needs of you and your management team. We prefer to be the lead investor, and serve on your Board of Directors.

Investment structures

   Management buyouts
   Growth equity investments

Investment Parameters

We invest in profitable businesses with proven business models.  We identify companies with great potential and strive to create long term value with our proven strategy.

Company Size

   $3-50 million in revenue

Investment size

   $5-40 million
   Preferred majority shareholder


    United States and Canada

Company characteristics

•    Established operating history of growth
•    Sustainable competitive advantage
•    High percentage of recurring revenues
•    High gross margins
•    Driven, excited, and opportunistic founders

Our Expertise

We work together to understand what you need.

Our team is experienced assessing bootstrapped companies and providing support where you need it most. Our extensive knowledge means less risk, and greater opportunities.  


Talent & Recruiting

   Build management teams
•    Develop board of directors
   Recruit contacts with industry experience
   Support to build strong, thriving team


Corporate Development

   Identify and manage add-on acquisition possibilities
   Build competitive landscapes through direct conversation
•    Support the negotiations and execution of deals


Expert Network

   Tap into our network for additional advice
   Initiate corporate development opportunities
   Share industry best practices



Sales & Marketing

   Drive revenue growth
   Recommend software tech stack
   Develop go-to-market strategies
   Build sales teams


Customer Success

   Maximize lifetime customer value
   Create framework for onboarding, support, and retention
   Gain a better understanding of customer behavior
   Drive recurring revenue



   Create a long-term strategic plan
   Drive profitability and scalability
   Implement day-to-day practices
   Leverage technology and data for efficiency



Product & Engineering

   Build product efficiently and effectively
   Support agile development and product discovery processes
   Utilize a data-driven approach
   Grow development team


Technology & Infrastructure

   Advise on the best tech stack for business
   Build strategic plan for optimization
   Implement, scale, and expand operations


Our Process

We Meet.

We respect what you’ve built, and view you as a valued partner in growth. Transparency and communication form the foundation of our collaborative partnership; we come to you, meet face-to-face, work alongside your team, and simply support you in areas of opportunity.

We Listen.

We work with a select number of entrepreneurs, so we’re able to devote our full attention to cultivating success. Our dedicated operations team works to gain a deep understanding of your business. That way we can support you, and overcome the challenges that parallel growth, together.

We Equip.

We are more than investors and advisors. We are former CEOs, senior executives and entrepreneurs, working as a collaborative partner to provide strategic planning and mentorship, as well as tactical execution. We use our extensive experience and leverage our network to help minimize risk, enhance growth, and work to meet all of your business needs.

We Grow.

Our exclusive focus on bootstrapped companies has generated expertise, connections, and resources specifically relevant for growing business quickly and efficiently. Our agenda is simple – to provide you with the active support you need to build a strong, thriving company.