Jason Frankel Named Rising Star by Mergers & Acquisitions

Jason Frankel Named Rising Star by Mergers & Acquisitions
July 6, 2021 Mainsail Partners

Jason Frankel, a Principal at Mainsail Partners, was named to Mergers & Acquisitions’ 2021 Rising Stars of Private Equity list.

Jason joined Mainsail in 2014 and is responsible for originating, executing and supporting new investments for the firm, which focuses on software companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions ’ 2021 Rising Stars of Private Equity list recognizes 11 up-and-coming dealmakers that sourced and closed deals while displaying creativity, flexibility, proficiency and empathy during the Covid pandemic and quarantines. Mergers & Acquisitions also found that all the while, they were champions of ESG and DEI, providing a promising glimpse of the future of private equity. Read more about Jason and his fellow honorees here. 



The 2021 Rising Stars of Private Equity recognition presented herein is awarded by Mergers & Acquisitions, a third-party that is not affiliated with Mainsail Partners or an investor in Mainsail Partners-sponsored vehicles. The recognition was awarded on 7/23/21 for the period 2021. Mergers & Acquisitions independently assessed nominees based on such nominee’s and a sponsoring colleague’s written responses to questions on its application form. The number of nominees reviewed for this recognition was not disclosed to Mainsail, and therefore, it and the percentage of nominees receiving the recognition, cannot be disclosed herein. Mergers & Acquisitions’ recognition is based on its own evaluations and opinion and is not indicative of Mainsail Partners’ future performance, and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Mainsail Partners’ investors. There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusions as the foregoing. For more information regarding this recognition, please see the linked publication.